Radioterapia Villa del Sole [Villa del Sole Radiotherapy] opened in January 1991 in the wake of experience gained over almost thirty years. I first began training in radiotherapy in the Villa dei Platani clinic in 1974 with my father Vincenzo who directed the Radiotherapy Division of the National Cancer Institute - Fondazione Pascale in Naples, and continued in the Clinica Mediterranea.
The Villa del Sole keeps apace of state-of-the-art radiotherapy techniques. In addition to traditional radiotherapy, the center provides conformational radiotherapy, operative stereotaxic radiotherapy, and high-dose brachytherapy. The technical personnel undergo continuous training and medical physicists control the quality of the examinations performed.
The center is equipped with: a Siemens Dual Energy Linear Accelerator (6-15 photons and 5-14 Mev electrons); a microSelectron for high-dose rate brachytherapy with iridium-92; two 3D systems for treatment planning (the Plato Nucletron and the Ergo-3D line); a 3D Nucletron system for brain stereotactic radiotherapy; and a 3D line multileaf collimator for conformational and stereotactic radiotherapy. A customized immobilization system consisting of a polyurethane template and a thermoplastic mask (Multimedica) ensures reproducibility of treatment.

Paolo Muto, M.D.

'Tools used by the surgeon must be adapted to the task and where the human brain is concerned, no tool can be too refined.' Lars Leksell (1907-1986), Swedish neurosurgeon renowned for his continued search for improvements to his devices.

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